mardi 13 janvier 2009

Nicole Queen

"When I said my "shahada" I never looked back": that's what Nicole Queen said in an interview about her conversion to Islam. That's made me almost cry, I think it’s such strong decision to make, specially in America. She wore Hijab because she knew why, because she wants to obey ALLAH, to worship ALLAH. I just keep on thinking about Muslim girls, in our Muslim country, who don’t intend to cover themselves, they don't appreciate the blessing that is to be born muslim; and then I think about myself, and I see that I'm a way off from what I want to be, from what I meant to be. I want to be one of the Omma of our prophet Mohamed, May peace be upon him. I want to serve Islam, I don’t want to be normal, live normal, and die normal.
the Prophet SAW said :"Islam began as something strange, and it will return as something strange the way it began, so welcome, glad tidings to the strangers”.
I want to become a stranger among strangers!!
اللهم استخدمنا ولا تستبدلنا

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  1. i want you add me in your messenger

  2. I also converted and wear the hijab, it is not so bad, on the contrary, I feel comfortable in it and am taken more seriously.

  3. Good for you!!
    you have no idea how glad I am to read your comment. I wish you the best my dear!!

  4. Muslim clerics will arrange her now to marry a an african ape or dirty paki probably 30 years older than her

  5. @bio : you're just guessing here!! no one can force a woman to marry someone without her consent, she's free to marry anyone she wants!! you should learn more about women right in Islam before saying no sens...