mardi 5 avril 2016

...and Counting!!

Today is the eve of my not so dirty thirty. Can you imagine? 30 years has passed!!30 years of existence and Alhamdolillah many blessing have fallen upon me as long as many hardships that showed me of what I’m made of. Today, of all days, I bring myself to think of what I’m doing of my life. Am I in the right path or am I wandering around without an aim in mind. Today I re-read my small diary, with only few documented days and I say to myself what a waste of not being able to keep a diary. Hundreds and thousands of days had passed without a trace. It’s like I never lived those days. And GOD knows how ardently I want to live. Not just one life but a thousand of them. So, Dear Bouchra, for the sake of your mental sanity, for the sake of your soul health, Do keep a dairy. Document your days, for you to prove that you have lived!!