mardi 13 novembre 2012

Greeeeeen, I love that color!!

اللي ما واتاه الأخضر ما يلبس ما يحضر

samedi 10 novembre 2012

The House of the Spirits

“Barrabas came to us by sea…”
Reading the last line –which is also the opening line- made me burst in tears.
I cried my soul out; I cried for love, family, war, cruelty, terror and beauty all found in this one book.
It’s a first for me to read a Latin American novel and boy how amazed I am. Amazement is the predominant feeling I have among these rollercoaster feelings that are still shaking me after going through this wonderful book.
During this long reading journey, I didn’t feel bored or distracted once. Allende has a way of telling the story that makes you wholly absorbed in astonishment. I was fully absorbed that I couldn’t put it down until I was finished. The plot is very rich, the characters very real even the most eccentric ones fit  to perfection in this epic puzzle. I loved Clara’s eccentricity and her son Jaime’s tenderness. I felt compassion for Esteban Trueba despite his bad temper and excessive tantrums. I was in shock seeing how crude, twisted and cruel Esteban Garcia was, but then I said to myself that such people do exist and I have to accept that fact “it’s part of the design”.
You can find it all in this book: beautiful writing, an eccentric cast of characters yet very real that anyone can identify himself with one of them, family matters, generation conflict, fantasy, history of a nation, politics and love.
This is what we call a good Great read.