dimanche 11 mai 2014

A Word On Priorities

I was hoping to write this week's post feeling like:

but since life isn't always as you want it to be, I'm writing now feeling like:

I promised myself not to write about sad things, but since I'm in that kind of mood I'll try to get a lesson out of it:
Don't keep your life on hold for some project, don't privilege study over family and friends, don't ever say :"this is the only thing I will working on for the next week"; life is larger than that. Try to sneak out some time for YOU and your family. This is what really matters and what will make you happy.

dimanche 4 mai 2014

قصة حب

لماذا أكتب ؟
أكتب لأني  أشعر بالدفء ، أشعر أنني لست وحيدة.
أكتب لأني  أحب منظر الحبر الأزرق على الورق
يعجبني أن أنظر إلى تسلسل و انسياب الحروف و الكلمات التي أخطها (رغم رداءة خطي )
أكتب لأني  أشعر أني in harmony
I feel like I'm doing the right thing; I feel like I'm connected to the world with a strong and a subtle way
I write because I can't help smiling when I'm writing
أكتب لأني أشعر بالسعادة
أكتب لكي لا أكون وحيدة