samedi 17 septembre 2016

The library in 2016

source: google

When I was a little girl, I had always this idea of the library as a quiet sanctuary where pages are turn carefully in fear to disturb the readers. Where an indiscrete voice is shushed by an extremely concentrated reader. A place, where groups studied quietly in a long table. A place where you stumble upon a mind blowing gem of a book. A place I would definitely call my home. Growing up in this tumultuous world, I’ve experienced the majority of the technology leaps our society got trough. First, there was the TV receptor, the mobile phone, then the holy internet. I remember the first childish clumsy clicks in the cybercafés. Then, my first Alcatel phone (with an antenna) and the first computer at home. And after that, my first personal computer when I was 20 and came with it the internet connection at home and in campus. Not to mention the ultimate must: the smart phone. Now and then, when I go to the library, the first places taken are those next to electricity plugs, you know why. It’s true that we come to the library to study, but also to surf the internet, check our email, our facebook feed all in peace. Thankfully, the library has preserved its quietness but the books, the lovely books are resting in the shelves for a time when the Reader would come without his PC.