mercredi 25 juin 2014

Long lost cause

Whenever I read something palestine related my heart aches...I feel betrayal...I feel I betrayed palestine...I feel I betrayed myself!!
And whenever I read (re-read) Naji Al-Ali caricatures my eyes become very watery and this song begins to play in my head.
As I was in the middle of a re-reading session, I begin to wonder: does the generation Z happen to know anything about the palestinian cause? do they even know there is a palestine somewhere in the middle-east? do they know about naji el-ali? do they know about yahya ayyach? do they even know that isrel is the bad guy? that they haven't always been there? do they know about palestinian refugees? little do they know and little do we help them to know!!
I feel my heart aching...
Once I tried to pass the message to my little brother who is 16 now and boy was I shocked. He thought that palestine and Israel are in conflict over some border issues and that israel has always been there.
Now I wonder: what can we do to revive the cause?
What can we do to make all people know and care about what's going on in palestine?
I need ideas
What can we do?   

dimanche 8 juin 2014

a reminder

Just keep smiling...
Life will be over someday...really soon
just keep smiling 
ask Allah for forgiveness

dimanche 11 mai 2014

A Word On Priorities

I was hoping to write this week's post feeling like:

but since life isn't always as you want it to be, I'm writing now feeling like:

I promised myself not to write about sad things, but since I'm in that kind of mood I'll try to get a lesson out of it:
Don't keep your life on hold for some project, don't privilege study over family and friends, don't ever say :"this is the only thing I will working on for the next week"; life is larger than that. Try to sneak out some time for YOU and your family. This is what really matters and what will make you happy.

dimanche 4 mai 2014

قصة حب

لماذا أكتب ؟
أكتب لأني  أشعر بالدفء ، أشعر أنني لست وحيدة.
أكتب لأني  أحب منظر الحبر الأزرق على الورق
يعجبني أن أنظر إلى تسلسل و انسياب الحروف و الكلمات التي أخطها (رغم رداءة خطي )
أكتب لأني  أشعر أني in harmony
I feel like I'm doing the right thing; I feel like I'm connected to the world with a strong and a subtle way
I write because I can't help smiling when I'm writing
أكتب لأني أشعر بالسعادة
أكتب لكي لا أكون وحيدة

dimanche 27 avril 2014

لماذا أكتب؟

في نهاية هذا المقطع يقول المترجم: أترجم كل سبت لأحافظ على لياقة الحياة
جعلتني عبارته أقف مع نفسي و أتساءل:
 هل أنا أحافظ على لياقة الحياة؟
 هل أعمل على الحفاظ على توازني الداخلي؟
فقررت أن أكتب كل أحد لأحافظ على حياة القلب 

اللهم يسر