samedi 27 décembre 2008

Is there any Justice in the world!!

I guess not!!
Today, everything went blank...I couldn't realize what was happening...
In less than 2 hours, more than 200 palestinian citizen were killed, or annihilated by the isreali army, and I couldn't react !!
why? I have no idea! what should I do, how should I act...All I keep telling myself is that I can't do anything to stop this cruelty..I have no weapon, I have no power, I have nothing.
what can I do!!
I'm sick of this "No comment" we live in...I wanna say it out loud:"I'm a palistinian, we are all palestinian". But yet, we can do nothing.

My heart is broken, bleeding, but yet I can do nothing.. this feeling of inability is kiling me..
All I can do now is praying for you...
Palestine, please, please, forgive me, forgive us...

زمان هون الأحرار منـــــــا فديت وحـــكم الأنـــــذال فينا

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