lundi 23 novembre 2009

Still awake :p

Here I am! having a job interview in the morning, and instead of focusing and getting some sleep, I'm surfing blogs and youtube videos, trying to get someway to find Erin! Even if she left Islam-partially- I still consider her as one of my Top 10 people who've had inspired me and still do!! I love her so much, I admire her courage, even if I can't approve her decision, but I respect it. She has been a source of inspiration for so many people in the youtube community, muslim and non-muslim. She made me laugh, she made me cry, she made me think seriously about changing my life to a better one. She can't just disappear?!!! I just think it's a huge waste to lose such a unique creative and impressive person.
Sometimes, I imagine that I'll wake in the morning, open my youtube account and see her videos again, with a larger smile than the one I had before while watching her videos...
So, here I am! stuck with my emotions, turning in an infinite loop. I can't rid of this bitterness I feel deep down in my heart. I'll miss you Erin, I'll really miss you, and I pray God to guide you back to Him and to guide you back to your faith.
I hope to hear from your news soon, I really hope so, cuz I love you my dearest friend -even if you don't know me :)

From bouchra with Love

C U another Day...Or like you used to sign your videos:" SEE YOU SPACE COWBOY..."

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  1. very nice bouchra moi c achraf aussi de casa et j'aimeré bien faire ta connaissanse mon msn c ;)