dimanche 15 novembre 2009

Be the change you wanna see in the world!

Oh yeah!! Guess what? You can’t change the world, and if you think you can, go ahead and show me what you can do :)

- Seriously, let’s be honest with ourselves. Did you manage somehow, in some point of your life to change somebody close to you?

- Ummm...

- Your brother, your sister, your father, your mother or even your friend?

- Define change!

- Did you someday feel that anger of dissatisfaction seeing some inappropriate manners and actions within your family and friends? Did you say to yourself: oh I got change him/her? I want him/her to be a better person?

- You have no idea!

- Did you succeed in your quest, or did you just drop it saying deep down in your heart. I got accept the people I love the way they are, I don't have to change them?

- I love my family for what they are! I don't have to change them?!!

- you know what? it's just an excuse to sweeten your failer!!

- but...

- Ok ok, just one last question : did you consider changing yourself? did you? did you think for a second that maybe, maybe there's something wrong with you, not the others? that is you who needs to change?

- Actually, I just did...

- and...?

- and I guess I see what you wanna say! you're right! I've been always complaining about the others, why they say that, why they don't do that, and I totally forgot myself. And in the times of despair, I was repeating to myself, "Hell is other people", making all my misfortune their fault not mine.

- good good!! continue plz...

- I think that if I want someone to do something in a certain way, I should do it first. I should be the exemple no him. I should be taking action not be just a passive person waiting for other people to take the initiative. I should be the change I wanna see in the world.

- I guess I can't add anything to what you just said :)

That'll be everything for today. see you next session!!

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