jeudi 26 novembre 2009

New friends

Love is in the air!! this week I've met new people, and before knowing it, they become great friends..It's kinda overwhelming to see people that you just met volunteer to do things your old buddies won't even consider to do for you -unless you pushed hard of course ;).
So this is it. Day after day, Life keeps amazing me. and I totally agree with the one who said :" Life may be happy, sad, silly, embarrassing or even really exciting... What ever it is, it makes life, a wonderful journey".

So, Enjoy your journey :D

C U another day...

3 commentaires:

  1. You have a positive, it's helpful for a lifetime, good luck with your new friends.

    Hello dear, Marlow

  2. It is indeed impressive participation of the Muslim world in Mecca.

    The ship will serve the vertical to scientific research, a noble cause

    Hello Bouchra, dreams of gold


  3. Culture is the company of humanity
    This will exist until people

    Hello friend,good day for you tomorrow