lundi 16 novembre 2009

Fear of other people...

Why? why can't I just be open and talk to everyone about everything?
Why do I always have to calculate every step I'm going to take and be afraid of every single move I'm going to make?
Why everytime I login to msn and found some old friend, I feel this need to run and hide, so I go offline and wait till some friend of mine -in the safety zone -show up, to have a decent conversation? Why am I afraid of other people?
I can't answer that!! Or maybe I'm just beeing coward and don't wanna admit something I kow deep down in my heart...
But someday, and I'm sure that day will come, I will pull myself together and do what it takes to overcome this fear of the others' judgment. I khow I can!!!! wish me luck :)

C U another day...

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