dimanche 8 novembre 2009

New day, Great day =]

It's the first time that I assist a conference in a sunday morning, and it was really worth it!!
Being there made me feel happy :D I couldn't help smiling while the khatib was giving his speech. The first conference was about "Ossoul alfiqh", the khatib was good, but the second conference was better. Not only the khatib was great but the subject was really fascinating for me. The conference lasted 2 hours, and I couldn't disconnect 1 second, yeeey!! Recently, I've been very passionate about history in general and the islamic history in particular, because I think it's very important and crucial to know our history, it helps you know who you are and what you should be, it inspires you. Anyway, in the second conference, the khatib walked us through the history of the sunnah, century by century enumerating all the facts that made the sunnah of the prophet, may peace be upon him, a true science, with all the precision and laws that makes a science what it is. We stopped at the 7th century (hijri) and I'm looking forword to what comes next. it's only the beginning, I'm planning to go next week inchaallah, because I can't get enough of it. The true words of Allah, the smilling faces, the serenity of the place...It's another world...A wonderful world...

C U another day...

2 commentaires:

  1. Very nice, believe in religious tradition is very important, I felt reading your happiness, I wish you to live your experience always in a positive way.

    Hello, Marlow

  2. Hi Marlow! you're right, I'm very happy because I finally found what I should be holding on to!! I guess a wonderful life is waiting for me, I just need to go get it!!
    thanks for your comments :)