mardi 29 décembre 2009

one year!!

it's been a year, a whole long year since the Gaza massacre, and still we didn't forget, and we won't!
Today marks the memory of the massacre of around 1400 old men, women and children at Gaza one year ago. Just like the world insists on remembering 9/11, it must never forget what happened to Gaza last year.

I still dream of a free Palestine, and I know for sure that this holly land will be restored to its rightful owners, but I'm afraid to not witness that day...I wish I'll live to see my dream coming true...I wish...

C U another day...all free I hope :)

2 commentaires:

  1. The religious and political hatred between Palestinians and Jews is a big problem, it will take a long time for getting to the peace, and for the peaceful lives of the two peoples.

    But a day comes

    Happy New Year to you dear,


  2. Justice will prevail sooner or later, it's the law of the universe.
    I wish you a happy fulfilling new year Marlow.