samedi 2 mai 2009

Niqab =]

i've got this pic from the "Niqab =]" video in the vintagegoth channel on youtube

"I've decided to become niqabi because it's what i feel Allah wants me to do, it's what i believe Allah wants me to do. For me, hijab is not enough, for me niqab is the way to go..."

that's what Erin said about why she decided to become niqabi within her first year of converting to Islam.

Hearing these statements from a new convert just makes me feel like i have no will, i feel like an hypocrite coward. I've always said to myself that i want to worship Allah and just Allah, that I'll do whatever it takes to become a better person, but the fact is that i just care about what others wants me to do, even though I Know that no one will care about whatever that will become of me in the after life. I need to be stronger than that!!Maybe someday (hopefully before i die) I will be doing what Allah wants me to do...So meanwhile i'm just walking down this open road looking for the one who knows me...the one is me!!

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