vendredi 28 septembre 2012

Dizzy Daisy!!

In this very moment I feel sooooo weary and tired but something in me wanted so bad to document this vision!!

Few minutes ago, I blinked my eyes (just a blink) and I saw two hands holding daisies. I saw just a black long sleeved top in a green feild. nothnig else: no face, no legs, nothing !! just a zoom in on the hands holding daisies with a hint of green grass moving in the wind in the backround!!

I loooove daisies and I find the name of this flower very romantic in every language.
I enjoy spelling it slowly in french "MAR-GUE-RITE" and the english word for it is also charming: "daiiiiiiisy" . It makes you smile forcefully like saying cheeeeeeese :D

I took this picture long time ago :)

anyway, I have no idea what this vision could mean, it could mean nothing, and it could be a message of hope for the future, but one thing I'm sure about is: this vision made me smile after a long tiring day and it's enough for me :)

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