jeudi 19 janvier 2012

There is no perfect anything!!

If you're anything like me, this video will make you cry for sure, so "Âmes sensibles s'abstenir"!!

There's no perfect father, but a father will always love perfectly!!

I burst into tears watching that ad...
I love you dad!! maybe I'm not as perfect as you wanted me to be but I love you!! and forgive me for not showing it to you...I love you dad, I really do!!

All in all, there no perfet father, there's no perfect son, there's no perfect job, there's no perfect friends...there's no perfect anything!! There's just one perfect God, and we all rely on Him!!

2 commentaires:

  1. i've already watch this ads and i was burst in tears too. thai (life insurance) ads somehow doing great job, making people tears out :p

    have you ever watch coca cola christmast campaign? that one is great too..

    greetings from indonesia

  2. Thanks Hei Lyra for passing by :)
    and yes I've watched several cocacola christmas compaigns and I like the korean version the most!!

    Much looove to indonesia and beyond <3