vendredi 20 janvier 2012


Friday, friday, gotta get down on friday...stupid song playing on my head!! I don't even remember how come I watched it :-/ anyway the damage is done and it's indeed friday :p

So, this past few weeks I cultivated the habit to do something different on friday evening before hitting to get the train ,  take a taxi home, eat and finally sleeeeeeeeep. What I do is: get the tramway from work to my beloved library, get some books then have a look at what's on sales and then get in the train, take a taxi home, eat, blog and finally sleeeeeeeep :)

Since I already have a bunch of books to read at home I didn't intend to buy any other books, but once in the library I couldn't stop myself : I wanted everything I saw and I ended-up with 6 books in my bag.

These are my new babies:
I'm still in the middle of "the brothers karamazov" and i guess if I stay in this track I'll finish it in a month or less inchaallah so I can taste Radwa 3achour for the first time and see if she tastes good. I've heard a lot about her but i have to wait and see :p

here's a photo of the big boy I'm reading:
I still have a lot to talk about but I'll just leave it here and go to sleeeeeep =)

oyasumi :)

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