jeudi 25 février 2010

my new crush!!

I have a thing for palestinian public speakers!!! I don't know why but I just loooooooove watching them or listening to them!! I can watch Tamim or Ra'ed Fathy all day long with the same amazed happy smile in my face :)
Sooo, lately, I've been watching "jawla fy hawary alQods""جولة في حواري القدس" on the qudstv, it can be translated to "a walk in ElQods' streets", and now I can't find the words to express my admiration toward Dr. Ra'ed Fathy...if tamim speaks with strength and conviction, this man spoke with passion!!! every word he says go straight to your heart!! When I see him, I see Truth, I see Hope, I see Love, I see Palestine all green and free as I always imagined it...and I hope wholeheartedly that I'll have a prayer, just one prayer in the Aqsa mosque...

C U another day... All free I hope :)

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