jeudi 11 février 2010

Prince of Poets :)

I have a serious crush on this guy! tamiiiim...I like the sound of it when I say it :) I know it's a bit childish but I can't help smiling!!
He's a writer, he's a poet, he's a university professor and - the most interesting part- he's a Palestinian!!The way he delivers his speeches and poems, his gestures, his unique voice and this great conviction and amazing strength you feel when his talking on stage are just...awesome!!
Last year he has been invited to a university in Rabat but I was caught in a training in casablanca and I couldn't make it; I was frustrated...but thank God we have youtube!!!

Ps: I don't love tamim, I'm in love with his poems. I love the idea of him not Him (i'm no longer 15, so I don't have this stupid crush on the backstreet boys anymore ;))

C U another day... :)

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