mardi 4 décembre 2012


Earlier this day, Saloua dropped me a comment in goodreads saying:"shall we give it a try? for this coming year; to have our "Year of mornings"?"
this comment was like a slap in my face!! I feel really angry with myself right now, thinking that I wrote this post more than a year ago with all the hope to make a good use of my mornings, to take time to appreciate every new day that GOD blesses me with, to simply get up early, do something I feel good about and carry on my day with this smile in my face that only satisfaction can draw. This comment reminded me of how lazy I am and how many slaps I needed to actually wake up and get hold of myself.
hopefully, it's never too late to do good.
at first I said to myself: should we stick to photography, or spice it up a little bit with weekly bonus tasks like writing a letter to a loved one or a long lost friend; or maybe write about happy memories; or write about something we feel grateful for; or cook something...etc but being the lazy me I guess I'll stick with photoraphy and maybe (I say maybe) I'll do one of the above ideas when I feel like it :) 

So, here's what I suggest for this project:
  • take one picture/day 
  • the pictures should be taken before 10 am (including weekends and holidays)
  • the pictures can be taken at home, outdoors or at work (anywhere actually :p )
  • begin the project on december 12th 2012 (12-12-12) :p
  • create a seperate blog for the project
  • ...waiting for your suggestions!!!
please, pleeeeeeeeeease, if you're excited about the project and want to join in, drop a comment on this post... one person can get easilly lazy disctracted and drop the project but I know that together we can make this work!!
I think that's all I wanted to say...I'll be waiting for your feedback. till then here's a picture of one of my mornings at the railway station.

3 commentaires:

  1. AssalamuAlaykom

    Hello dear friend, I'm glad you are excited about the project, but I don't want you te be angry with yourself, it is never too late, and you are the one who got me inspired and discovered the book in the first place.

    Anyway, I'm okey with your suggestions, we can try to take daily pictures, before 10am is good, but I think we should take sometimes further and have some "before sunrise" photos :).
    A post a week on a blog will be a good way to stay connected and feel related to something exciting ;) (I hope so)
    We should'nt make it hard on ourselves, if we skip a moorning or something we move on to the next, or we catch up with anything else.
    I'm in in in, I like the 12/12/12 date, we better get ready I guess!
    you never we may have our little book of secrets and beautiful mornings to share with the world someday :)

  2. PS: I wrote you a comment yesterday but I somehow lost it ;) so I had to re-write later

  3. wa3alaykom ssalam saloua,

    firstly, I'm very very sorry about the late (very late actually) response. secondly, I'm delighted to see that you're as much excited as I am for this project. I like your idea of weekly photo compilation; we can post it in our blogs instead of a seperate blog if you want.
    And I'm very positive about the "before sunrise" photos but not every morning :p (lazy me!!)
    I'm very thankful to you saloua for initiating this project and I hope we'll commit to the very end!!
    Tomorrow is the big day!! we best be prepared ang go early to bed :)