mercredi 16 mai 2012

An Awesome Book!

No no, it's not the title of a book review, it's the title of the book it self!!
"An Awesome Book" is  a book written by Dallas Clayton, a children book author who had a dream, but not any dream.
He dreamed about writing a book but...nobody help him.
Then as a father of a little boy he wanted wholeheartedly to teach his son how to dream BIG, real big!! So, came the idea of this book, "An Awesome Book".
He drew the pictures, he wrote the words giving his son the push to have big crazy colourful dreams and the awesome book was born.
then came the publishing part. He published it himself, put it online and start awesomely selling. There was a huge demand and thousands of copies were sold online.
But that wasn't the fantastic part about it, the awesomeness has just began...
A big publishing company wanted to publish his book for book stores all over the world and....and Clayton started his own fundation and now for every book sold he gives another away!!!

And I'm not done yet. In order to inspire more people around the world, and to reach those who don't have money to buy the book, he put the entire book online. So if you wanna be inspired, inspiration is one click away:

Here's 2 videos about the book and it's author

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