mardi 25 mai 2010

Days of our lives

Some of us have to get up early, rush out and take a train with hundreds of sleepy people.
And among these people there's a girl who reads a book  if she finds a seat, or do her English homework which she totally forgot, and in the same time, listen to desperate conversations about divorce, court, mawazine, football, kids not willing to study, old girls whining their bad luck in marriage, young man hitting on an ugly girl...and the list can go on forever. Then the girl would look at the closed window trying to escape from this underworld, seeing a young man under the sunny sky with his lovely sheep on an orange , almost yellow, field that goes all down to the blue sea. And then she would go on, dreaming about a lonely, lovely house on the top of a green hill. The house would be painted in white and dark red or just grey.
It would be a small house with plenty of flowers around, and why not a lake and a windmill nearby. She would call it the lake house. 

It would be a warm home for her cold heart, the ice will melt and the love will spring up...
Then the young girl will wake up, return to the real world, to her English homework that she didn't finish and wish, with a large stupid smile on her face, that one day she’ll get her dream house.


2 commentaires:

  1. ماشاء الله عليج
    شطورة بالإنجليزي الله يحفظج

    قريت البوست بجهاد


    وصلت النص ووقفت

    للأسف نسيت الإنجليزي

  2. بارك الله فيك عزيزتي مي
    إشكالية اللغة مشكلة أعاني منها كثيرا, فأجد نفسي أمام خواطر تخطر لي كل حين بلغة
    سأعمل إن شاء الله على التدوين بلغتي الأم
    يلزمني فقط إعادة برمجة عقلي الباطن و ضبطه على لغة واحدة...

    أسعدني مرورك عزيزتي مي و دمت بخير