mercredi 1 juillet 2009

Faye Valentine

Little Faye: Good morning, me.
Did you sleep well, and did you wake up well?
Does the light and the wind, the air and the smell, all feel brand new?
Is each and every cell un your body awake now?
Today, you are who you are today.
You are a newer version of me.
Myself ten years from now...that's so far away for me that I can't even begin to imagine.
Am I alone? Or is there a wonderful person next to me?
Well, knowing me, I'm sure I am troubling a lot of different people. But that's all right.There's no problem, I will always be cheering you on.
And now for a big cheer...from the bottom of my heart.
Go! Go!
Me, me, me!
Do your best, do your best!
Me, me, me!
Don't lose, don't lose!
Me, me, me!
Me : Will I remember, Or will I go just like Faye saying with a deep green look in her eyes:

I don't know...I can't remember..Is

Little Faye : I am no longer here...But I'm here today and I'll always be cheering for you here...
Cheering for you, my only self

Cowboy Bebop, Session#18
Speak like a child
from 20:35 to 22:28

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